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Travelling Alone?
By: Lucien   |    December 31, 1969   |   5 Responses (0) (0)

What do you think would be the best place to go to especially when you are travelling alone? I have always been afraid to travel by myself but would like to try it out.

Best Answer

Q Quyen commented on December 31, 1969

Wherever you decide on going, don't forget to check in with the Embassy and let them know of your tentative travel plan.

Other Responses

vision20 commented on December 31, 1969

London is pretty safe. Singapore is extremely safe as well.

Lucien commented on December 31, 1969

Thank you for the suggestions, I am looking forward to travel to Australia soon.

Courtney commented on December 31, 1969

Sydney Australia. I spent the first two weeks of March as a solo traveler for my 35th birthday and it was my best travel experience. It's very safe, easy to get around, the people are very friendly, I have so many friends now, there is so much to do and see!

BAC64 commented on December 31, 1969

Europe Definitely is great to travel by yourself...Australia is pretty safe too and absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend Australia as well as New Zealand!

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