Trends Coming in Spring 2013

via Kate Bennett

This piece at Huffington Post offers up a pretty good breakdown of what styles and trends are looking to be big this spring and provides a list of particulars to keep your pre-spring clothes shopping focused on. The biggest point coming out of this being that comfort will be the key to looking fashionable this year, which I'm sure we're all happy to hear.


I am dreaming of spring and sunshine and skirts and sandals during a week that has been one of the coldest on record for most of the Eastern United States. To feed my fantasies, it was particularly appealing to see what the Fashion Group International projects to be the key spring/summer 2013 fashion trends. At the new-and-not-quite-yet-opened Malmaison on Water Street in Georgetown (the brainchild of the tall and beautiful Omar Popal, who used to be a model himself), the fashionistas of Washington DC came together for an evening of dreams. Read More

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