Trendy Tuesdays: Fashion Boosts Morale at One High School

 If your high school was anything like mine, it was a walking fashion show. In between the sports, drill team, choir and off-campus lunches with friends, fashion was one of our time-consuming extracurricular activities. Wardrobe choices were carefully made before class started, pairing the perfect shoes with a new blouse. Hallways turned into runways when the bell rang and feeling confident was crucial to holding your head high in the often critical flood of peers judging with every glance; but most importantly we had fun swapping clothes and heading to the mall when ditching a class.

One high school recently went viral with a new fashion concept they are implementing cleverly coined Trendy Tuesdays. Some young men on the swim team at Kennesaw Mountain High School in Georgia launched the concept as a joke among friends, wearing throw back, very dapper clothing on Tuesdays. Classmates and teachers soon took notice and the athletic fashion team launched a video introducing the idea and it didn’t take long for the clip to go viral among schools and the fashion industry. See what everyone is talking about and how fashion has boosted morale among teachers and students alike; the story and video can be seen on Huffington Post.

Megan Jenkins

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