Turn Your Stressful Move Into a Relaxing Weekend

Our daily lives are filled with stress and emotion, but when you throw an impending move on top of the daily stress, you might be feeling entirely overwhelmed. Should you take the smaller house on the nicer street or the place with the pool on the main road? Which neighborhood has the best school district? How long of a commute would you have from this house? Thousands of questions surround a move, and your big reward for answering them? Packing.

Before you dig out the leftover boxes in the basement, why not ask yourself what you could be doing instead? When you've had enough, consider these tips for a stress-free and even relaxing move!

Make Packing a Thing of the Past

Is there any task more daunting and stressful than planning the logistics of a move? The boxes, the bubble wrap, the labeling, the tape...and once you think you're finished, you find another little something to pack that you forgot about, never mind the probability that something, somewhere along the line is bound to get broken.

Sure, you can transport your belongings to destination B from origin A. But if you want to relieve stress and time consuming work, moving companies – particularly full service movers – can handle the hard work of packing and unpacking. And the stress you once thought inevitable? Vanished.

What Is Full Service, Anyway?

Experienced full service moving professionals understand what it takes to successfully complete even the most complicated move – you won't even have to take the pictures off of your walls or empty out the medicine cabinet. Instead, your movers will cautiously wrap your most precious belongings. Grandmother's china, Dad's antique chess set, your favorite glass-sided cabinet – full service movers do it all, everything from the smallest figurine to the most cumbersome furnishings.

Like most endeavors, experience matters. Because movers are professionals, they can pack your belongings faster and more carefully than you can – leaving you with a lot less stress and a lot more free time.

Moving – An Opportunity to Relax?

Take a break from your move's anxious moments with a weekend vacation while a moving company busily wraps, packs and transports your belongings. If you find the days preceding the big event unmanageable, plan outings with your kids – take your daughter to get her nails done or have your hubby take your son to a ballgame. To forget about the move, take your trip during the packing phase, or plan your trip following the move so you have something to look forward to. The spa, the beach, the mountains – get elsewhere, pronto. If your children are having a difficult time coping with the move, plan a Disney trip to cheer them up! Take this time to bond as a family rather than fretting over moving all of your belongings!

The point is, moving doesn't have to cause emotional distress and physical exhaustion. You can spend your time doing better things, such as reminiscing with your old friends or getting to know your new neighbors – not cleaning up the debris from the mirror dropped in the move.


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