Tyra Banks Steps out with No Make Up

Long gone are the days that the once long and lanky Tyra Banks literally had to eat her way to supermodel status—forcing herself to eat food to gain back much needed nutrients to maintain a healthy ideal weight and look healthy.

The mogul still looks fabulous but has to put in several workouts a week to get and stay fit for those cameras. Yup, she manages to make time in between her hectic schedule to fit workouts in between meetings and tapings and other responsibilities for her executive producing role for "America's Next Top Model." Not to mention she also runs her TZONE Foundation and yeah, has a social life too! 

And on Monday, Tyra stepped out, well, ran out for a sweaty session along the Hudson River in New York City. The sighting was a photographers dream as they caught the 38-year-old in a zip-up jacket, black capri pants, a baseball cap and without a stitch of makeup. The model-turned-mogul rarely goes out without her face on as they say, but she rocked the natural look. (I’d hate for photographers to catch me huffing and puffing beat read around the park!)

But as always she is getting criticism for the less-than-flattering photos. What gives? This is the opposite of her message to young girls building up self-esteem and battling image issues surrounded by so many mixed messages all around them. Check out the images on Huffington Post and tell us what you think.

Megan Jenkins

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