Unconditional Love

When you give someone your unconditional love, it practically means that you love this person just the way they are. You do not try to change them to meet your expectations instead you accept them for who they are. It is hard to find this kind of relationships since as we are growing up; we experience different relationships of others, which we tend to admire. This is what makes a person wish to have the same exact relationship that they have previously experienced as 'good'. What we do not understand is that people are different, so when another person behaves differently to the relationships we have previously experienced we tend to want to change them. Here is a story involving unconditional love in action.

For a true biological explanation of what unconditional love really is visit the World Transformation Movement website.

I can still remember the relationship I had with my spouse when we were still dating, so many years ago. It had issues like normal relationships but what is surprising is the fact that we both were committed to showing each other unconditional love. He had his own outstanding characteristics, and that did not include being romantic. The first days after we met, I came to realize that he was not the kind to pay attention to someone's birthday, anniversaries, and all those special days. He was also not the kind to open the door for you or hold your chair for you when go for lunch. In addition to all that, not once has he ever bought me flowers.

Believe it or not, we are currently happily married and we…or should I say I will be celebrating our 25th year in September. I got to know him and I didn't insist that he change his character to be someone else's. I thought of that once, but after thinking it through, I preferred having him just the way he is, comfortable and unromantic but still happy when around me. He has his ways of showing me how much he loves me. In fact I derive so much pleasure from just loving him back.

In the many years we have been together, I have learned not to expect anything from him but instead treat him like the romantic I am. I am now aware of the things he loves and what he doesn't. So I make sure I never do something that will hurt him. I ask him out for lunch and buy him birthday gifts and I do not expect anything in return. I would love to walk outside with him while holding hands but he is not the kind who loves attention. So I just let him be…but he still holds my hand when there is no one around.

What is important is that we just find ourselves in love everyday despite the fact that our likes and dislikes are not the same. We have times when we fight but still we take time to cool off and sort our issues. We are together because we want to be and not because we are forcing ourselves to. That is what unconditional love is about, not being forced to do something and not expecting anything in return for the loving actions you do.


My daughters insistence on studying the deeper issues facing the world are often at odds with my [lets be honest] materialistic and often superficial life! However she has converted me to some of her new ides particularly those based in knowledge like the work of biologist Jeremy Griffith at the World Transformation Movement....(Read More)

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