Underwear as Outerwear

The latest in fashion is to wear underwear as outerwear. There are many articles of clothing that are made to be used as underwear. Lingerie of all kinds is now being worn on the outside. Corsets, bras and slips have become popular as outerwear. Why hide your gorgeous bras and slips when you can show them off without embarrassment? Not only does the right underwear work as club dresses, it also works as a daytime fashion.

No Worries of Indecent Exposure

Perhaps wearing just any kind of bra alone could result in indecent exposure, but when the bra is mixed with a cool tee shirt you can pull off a great look. Many stars are now using underwear as outerwear. It has become a fashion craze. You will want really nice underwear if you want to pull off a great look however. A plain white bra won't look as nice on the outside as a nude or black push up bra. The key to not being indecent is in layers of clothing.

What is Popular?

Corsets are extremely popular right now when worn on the outside of clothing. Mix with a skirt so your waistline is well accentuated. Mix and match until you get the look you want. Wearing lingerie as a dress is also very popular now. Often a tee shirt will be worn under the lingerie to give a nice layered look. You also don't risk showing off too much skin.

Where to Find Great Ideas

The internet can connect you with videos and photos to show you how to pull off the underwear as outerwear look. You shouldn't just throw on anything. You want to pull off the look without getting arrested. Many stars and musicians are wearing this style. Go ahead and look for how they wear lingerie on the outside. It will give you some great ideas.

Can Underwear Work in the Daytime?

You don't have to save the look for just night. There are many ideas that will work as daytime attire. The idea is to not look too sexy with daytime fashions. Don't show as much skin as you would at night. Neutral colors mixed with tee shirts and skirts work very well as daytime attire. The look during the day should be sexy but not overwhelmingly so.

Wearing Underwear at Night

Nights mean going clubbing and really making a statement. You want to be noticed. So wearing corsets, slips and bras as outerwear works. Did you ever think a slips could make a great dresses for club? Wear a sheer tee shirt that hugs the body under a corset, put on a pencil skirt to accentuate the look even more. Show enough skin to look sexy without going over board.

Shopping for Underwear

Certain bras were meant to be worn underneath your clothing. Others are just too nice to not show off. Underwear for women has really evolved and makes a great statement. Don't hide you great looking underwear anymore. If you want to try this style shop online for great looking body stockings, bras, corsets and more.


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