Upcycled Fashion Show to Feature Recycled Materials

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Rather than see clothes wasted in a dump, IDEAS for UCF and other charitable organizations are using old clothes and sustainable materials to create a fashion show from the ground up. They might be using old or used materials, but the ideas behind a lot of the fashions are promised to be unique and stylish


Thursday, IDEAS for UCF, Habitat for Humanity and Eco Coalition are teaming up to put on UCF’s first Autumn Upcycled Fashion Show during National Recycling Week. The show will be held at Lake Claire from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Designers, models and even special appearances from Garbage Gone Glam and Plato’s Closet will be featured on the show’s itinerary.

“Upcycling” is the process of taking useless or unwanted materials and turning them into something with equal or greater value than they originally had. The main difference from ordinary recycling is the way in which the recycled material’s value changes. Read More

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