USA Women?s Gymnasts Shine in Stunning Leotards
By: Angela Di Laurentis   |   
August 31, 2012   |   0 Comments

If you somehow missed it, the fabulous USA women’s gymnastics team performed fantastically at the Olympics on Tuesday night to win the gold medal. While the girls rocked every challenge from vaults to floor work –they were not just stunning in their performance and super-toned, buff physiques; but the young beauties also looked like champions in their gorgeous, patriotic attire.  The seven literally shined in the spotlight sporting bold, metallic red leotards adorned with patterns of Swarovski crystals - 4,437 crystals on each uniform to be exact, according to the Wall Street Journal.  True to the fashion motto: If you look good, you feel good. And when you look like a champion, you take the competition by storm.

On the contrast, Nike is taking heat from some who believe the team’s warm-up jump suits in which they accepted their gold medals, were too drab for the iconic and momentous occasion. According to Nike, the silver warm-ups were intended to also shine on stage and highlight the athlete’s faces, but the attempt came off looking rather dull. The over-sized and baggy seams did not add to any positive reviews, either. For such small, athletic women their frames were lost in the gray mass. But, luckily for the Americans, that was the only silver they wore that night.

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