Usage and Working of Adhesive Tapes

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Adhesive tapes have evolved in various forms with their manifold uses. You can get different types of adhesive tapes like Aluminum Foil tape, Masking Tape, Residue Free Duct Tape, Blueprint Protection, Carpet Tape, Flexible Flashing Tape, Tuck Tape and lots more types by either ordering online or from stores selling protectives. Let’s check out the various uses and functions of adhesive tapes.

Usage of adhesive tapes in various jobs

Various occupations need to work with adhesive tapes. Whether it’s a painting job, protective covering around window or for securing crisp edge on wall, adhesive tapes are much in demand in every occupation. Even hockey players can’t produce effective slap shots without tapes wrapped around their stick blades.

Moreover electricians suffer from jolts without the protective properties of electric tapes. Manufacturers also require working with these tapes for securing their products for the purpose of shipping. Again plumbers also make use of stretchy waterproof tapes in order to ensure a tight waterproof seal around plumbing fixtures. So you will find that the list is apparently endless.

Working of adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes work through pressure sensitiveness, Van der Waals Force and also with the help of bonding factors.

Pressure Sensitiveness

Pressure helps to activate adhesive on the tape. In fact the more hard you will press, the more hard it will stick. An adhesive which is sensitive to pressure bonds with surface in a much better way when compared to others. Moreover the bond forms best at moderate temperature as the molecular structure of pressure sensitive adhesives collapses at extreme high or extreme low temperature.

Van der Waals Force

The strength of the adhesive of a tape also depends to a great extent on the phenomenon of molecular bonding called Van der Waals force. It is the measurement of the force that two surfaces exert on each other. To take an instance, two books exert least van der Waals force on each other whereas adhesive tapes are designed specifically with the help of applied force for exerting the greatest Van der Waals force.   

Factors of bonding

Several factors affect this Van der Waals force which consequently affects the usefulness of adhesive tapes such as temperature, moisture, etc. Most of the pressure sensitive adhesives don’t make any bond on damp or wet surface. This is due to the fact that the molecules of the adhesives make bond with the molecules of water rather than targeted surface. You will find that duct tapes are used for the purpose of stronger adhesives compared to masking tape. Similarly wider tapes help to cover bigger surface area and have greater chance of forming a feasible van der Waal bond.

Bottom Line

Get hold of the right adhesive tapes from a wide variety including tuck tape, standard flashing tape, painter grade masking tape, UV Resistant Polyethylene Film Tape and many more. Choose the one that will match best with your requirement, provide you unmatched adhesion as well as tensile strength and will rightly accomplish your need at both low and high temperatures.

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