Use Mineral Makeup for Sensitive Skin


Alicia, a guest blogger at Birchbox, goes in depth on how using mineral makeup is actually a soothing experience for those that might have sensitive skin, which is a great piece of advice coming from someone who herself has eczema. If you also have a skin problem or just have skin sensitive to normal makeup or beauty routines, it sure sounds like mineral makeup might be the solution to your woes.


We recently went on a serious mineral skincare hunt. Why, you ask? Because mineral-based products don’t include parabens, alcohol, dyes, perfumes, preservatives, mineral oils, lead or (best of all) talc! This is great news for acne-prone or sensitive skin since everything is mild, non-comedogenic, and won’t irritate the skin. (Think Bare Minerals). Essentially you’ll get great, gentle coverage. So given that Korea is the “skincare superpower” according to Marie Claire, we wanted to see what mineral-based skincare goodies we could find over here. Read More

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