Use tiles to make a heavenly home out of your house!

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It is always fascinating how someone's house can leave either a very positive or a very negative impression on you. Have you ever had the feeling that a certain house is possessed by “evil forces of hell” that somehow forbid the people in there to feel pleasant? But then again, you have probably experienced the heavenly feeling of a certain home which was so good that you wished you stayed there forever. I have certainly experienced both. In the first house mentioned above, I had the feeling that someone is constantly watching my every move, and I did not even want to go to the bathroom by myself for I was so scared that I would certainly find something in there which would not be pleasant at all. However, in the latter house, only by sitting on a sofa, I felt like sitting on a cloud so fluffy and puffy that I could have melted on it. But what was the difference between these two houses? I am sure that religion had nothing to do with it. Those bad feelings we get when we enter someone's houses are present if the house is simply not well decorated. But in order to have your house decorated, you certainly must follow the latest technology and art. If you use old ways of decoration, that will certainly make your guests feel like they were in a haunted house. One of the most interesting things that will make your house seem friendly and interesting are mosaics. However, these are not just ordinary mosaics but rather ones made of – tiles.A badly decorated house equals a spooky house!

Tiles that will lighten up your world

Several scientists and artists around the globe have discovered that tiles need not be ceramic as we usually know them to be. Instead, they discovered that other materials could be used as well in order to both protect the house and make it look better. Therefore, one of the most important inventions in this area is certainly glass tiles. Now, you might wonder how are those glass tiles combined into something so complex such as mosaic? Well, first of all, I should mention that these tiles are solid and not that easy to break. Therefore, they can be arranged however we want without the fear that our mosaic will collapse or crush under the weight of that very same solid glass. Second of all, contemporary mosaics are not really pictures as those old mosaics that decorated castles of feudal lords and ladies. Mosaics nowadays are rather simpler and follow the latest currents in art such as postmodernism, where new kinds of stylistic forms are being discovered and put into use. Apart from the way those glass mosaics look, they have other certain features. First of all, glass can reflect light and the closer the source of light is the more luminous the tiles will be. They will, therefore, lighten up your whole area and guests will feel more welcome in your home. The best thing about glass tiles is that they are rather easy to place. You should definitely check out this video, if you want to see the whole process of placing glass tiles explained step by step.

Stone upon stone and we have built a castle

Yet another way of making a mosaic is with the tiles made of stone. We all know that colorful stones were the first means to make a decent mosaic and that the best mosaics in the world are actually made of stones which were previously painted with different colors. However, here I am talking about tiles which give a more modernistic look to the mosaic and their purpose is not to make a mosaic itself but rather to fit it somewhere in the house as a part of both furniture and a sophisticated decoration piece. Stone tiles are much harder than glass tiles and are about to last twice as long as the previous ones.

All in all, whether you prefer glass, stone or some other material, you should check this site out for more interesting combinations of tiles and mosaics. And of course, it is up to you to choose whether your house will be “heaven or hell” both to you and your guests.

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