Using Glitter in Makeup to Shine

Lit! Cosmetics

Glitter in makeup began as a way to aesthetically yell to the world, "Hey! Look at me!" However, as its use has become far more widespread and accepted in the fashion and beauty world, there is still a stigma attached to the sparkling style that I think it's about time to leave behind. Lit! Founder Jodie Perks talks with Beautylish on the best types of glitter, methods of use and where her brand will go from here.


Once the secret behind dramatic makeup theatrics, the serious drag circuit, or the underground rave scene, glitter is spilling out into a new era. Today’s individuals are embracing multi-colored liners and lip colors with gusto. Maybe it’s because we finally have the technology—textures once reserved for Twilight vampire CGI can now be created right on the skin. New, hypnotizing shadows have come on the market that are unlike anything you’d ever find in the craft aisle. It’s glitter, refined.

Calgary-based Lit! Cosmetics is one of the brands leading the blinged out cause. Read More

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