Valentino's : Chula Vista's Hidden Gem

About a mile away from Otay Ranch Mall, there is a restaurant called Valentino’s that you would likely never find unless you were specifically looking for it. Though the name might bring to mind plates full of linguini and fine red wines, Valentino’s is actually an Asian cuisine joint with some great sushi; don’t worry though, it also has fine red wines as well as a full bar and a killer tamarind martini that you have to try at least once in your life.


Likewise, they have my single favorite sushi roll at Valentino’s and it’s called the Baby Rock Roll, a tempura covered masterpiece where each piece is topped with a spicy shrimp and crab concoction that is absolutely mouthwatering.


Well worth the effort in looking for, Valentino’s has a great, classy atmosphere, wonderful staff and some seriously delicious meals and drinks. I highly recommend this place to everyone and truly believe it’s one of the best restaurants in San Diego.

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