VARIETY SUMMIT: Films are a Luxury Medium to Tell Your Story

The Idea of film, as a luxury platform is born out by the luxury aspect of the medium itself:  lush lighting, gorgeous scenic elements, intimate and direct relationships to an audience.  Wait, isn't that what every luxury product wants? 

When a luxury product wants to reach an audience, chances are, a movie is the way for them to be seen, heard, and experienced by an audience.  Fast Forward to the luxury industry and how they are now using films as their new platform. Chanel. Dior. Just to begin.  Brad Pitt. Chanel Number 5. Whose the product here? Answer: Both. 

Things will get more interesting as we explore the products in creative spaces that are not only driving business but also creating their own niche platforms that reach their already established following. We'll explore that here as we go forward into this area of products, luxury, adn how art and marketing meet. 

Editor's Note:  Special thanks to VARIETY MARKETING SUMMIT for hosting us at their SUMMIT PANEL on new trends in film marketing. 

Pikke Allen

Pikke Allen is a Writer and Principal Consultant for her own Content & Branding Atelier. Her passion for all things French is a tribute to her dad, a French teacher and devoted Francophile. She grew up on the left bank in Paris during one of the most fruitful periods in art, fashion and culture in the 1970s. Pikke has been published on a variety of travel platforms including 'Girls Guide to Paris'...(Read More)

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