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About Ava Living is the world’s first marketplace for online personalized design services. Our social ecommerce platform links the world’s consumers with design professionals for affordable, a la carte help-me-do-it-myself through full service design assistance for achieving the space of their dreams. We've made it easy, fast, affordable, convenient, and fun for you to get great design help from room makeover to full remodeling design projects. Ava Living comprises a thriving global community of interior design enthusiasts that connects those who are passionate about their homes with professionals in the field. Ava is a gallery and a forum for people to share their love of their room designs and to build their social value on an international level. Ava Living is home to FREE Designer Room Review. Did you know there are five key design elements that make a room GREAT!? To take your room from pedestrian (yawn) to star quality, you first need to know how your room's design elements measure up. You should always get a FREE Designer Room Review as the starting point for all of your room refresh and redesign projects. It takes the guess work out of your design progress, and it's the best way to find your favorite Designer so you can use their online design services. Learn more about Designer Room Review and to have a designer create your FREE assessment of how the elements of your design are working in your rooms, got to

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