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This is something I can relate to because it's tough trying to find the perfect pair of jeans but my problem (and I shouldn't be complaining about this) but I'm dieting and I'm dropping jean sizes like crazy! So before I drop $1,000 on a pair of jeans, I better be sure I'll be the same size! How Much Would You Pay for the Perfect Pair of Jeans? Womens Style 02.12.2012
These jeans look so chic and comfortable too! As much as I love the jeans, I have to say that I am loving the top that Samantha Harris is wearing! What a great way to debut a jean line. Thanks so much for sharing and I will pass this along to my FIDM peeps :) Designer Denim Label DL1961 and Samantha Harris Create Miracle Jean Womens Style 10.24.2011
I was just talking about this with my FIDM fashion club peeps and this article also has some great suggestions on what to wear for Labor Day. Thanks so much! Labor Day Weekend Style Womens Style 09.05.2011
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