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Member since: September 21st, 2011
I enjoy spending time at the ballpark and driving around in fast cars. Whenever I'm not doing one of these activities then I'm writing about them. I also enjoy eating hot-dogs and drinking cold beers and I like doing so at the ballpark. Did I mention that I really like the ballpark?
Retired Marine
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I only have a day to spend in Atlantic City and I'm staying at the Tropicana, what are some things I must do or see?

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Another reason to like Jay Leno...

The Tonight Show’s host, Jay Leno, accompanied members of the Supper Club to experience an evening of timeless luxury and art. The car fanatic arrived at the Heritage Classics Motorcar Company in Los Angeles in his very own vintage Model T Roadster t...
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Coney Island is a good example. It's a famous place, but it's highly seasonal. Make sure it's even operating during your stay while you're planning. Skip a trip to the Statue of Liberty, but take the ferry - it will get you close enough to enjoy it, but won't cost you a dime. Skyscrapers are truly tall buildings - if you're familiar with their dizzying heights, a tall building is a tall building... but if you're not, be sure to climb the Empire State Building, or the New World Trade Center. What are the absolute must-see attractions in New York City for a first-time visitor? What can be skipped or saved for next time? Ask The Lounge 10.28.2013
I disagree, the Maitre D' does not matter to a fine dining experience. Most fine dining restaurants offer tables a main server and a support server, and if these 2 people can not meet your dining needs then you lower your high-dining-diva expectations. Why The Maitre D' Matters Lifestyle 04.27.2012
Probably not, because many of the "luxury" options require electricity to operate and that would kill the battery of 100% electric car. Would you consider buying a luxury vehicle that is 100% electric powered today? If no, why not? Ask The Lounge 04.27.2012
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