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Member since: September 24th, 2011
Nothin' but the best. A small town boy living in the big city.
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Seafood in Boston means one place, and one place only: the Neptune Oyster. Beloved by travelers and locals alike, the place is an excellent way to eat yourself into a coma - for a premium. I want a recommendation on a really good seafood restaurant in Boston Ask The Lounge 10.27.2013
Sometimes a unique spin on the familiar formula is all you need to keep that spark burning strong, and Boston has a rather curious offering in the form of Dining in the Dark. Certainly not something you'll find elsewhere, you may be surprised at the change a simple thing like blindfolds brings to a meal. Visiting the city during a wedding anniversary and would like some suggestions on some special/one-of-a-kind things to do in Boston Ask The Lounge 10.27.2013
It totally depends on your taste. If you are into Art, the Met couldnt be more iconic. But that might not be for everyone. We have a great Natural History Museum (think Night at the Museum), but again if that isn't your thing I might skip it. But I think everyone should go up the Empire State at least once in their life. And Times Square at night is certainly a must-see. But the list goes on and on. so if you reply with your interests maybe we can help more! What are the absolute must-see attractions in New York City for a first-time visitor? What can be skipped or saved for next time? Ask The Lounge 09.26.2012
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