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Sally Bjornsen
Member since: December 21st, 2011
Co-founder/Marketing Director | Longshot Apparel
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Longshot Apparel Makes Luxury Shirts for Tall, Lean Men

Seattle, WA –2011- “Nearly 60 percent of everything we buy in the US today is made in China or overseas. I didn’t want us to be part of that.  I wanted to put a stake in the gro...
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We love this post at Longshot Apparel, Very helpful! Black Tie Etiquette: Know Before You Go Fashion 12.29.2011
You forgot to mention Longshot Apparel,, the new brand of men's shirts for tall, lean guys 6'0 to 6'10" tall. It's the perfect gift for the tall, fit man! Menswear Holiday Gift Guide Womens Style 12.21.2011
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Longshot Apparel Makes Luxury Shirts for Tall, Lean Men
Longshot Apparel
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