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The Past: After graduating from college I work ed with Hewlett Packard in their Computer Support Division for 15 years. I became the most requested engineer in my field for both 'hot site' response and for training other engineers. This experience serves as my foundation for linking manufacturing, sales, installation and service.

It was during this period that I developed my passion for home automation and audio/video systems. I assisted family, friends and co-workers design and install systems that had innovations unheard of even by industry veterans. I quickly gained the attention of some major players even though I was doing this 'for fun'.

In February, 1991, I founded Electronic Home, Inc. and my hobby became my career.

The Present: Electronic Home is an established industry leader and has had installations featured in numerous national magazines for their exemplary design and installation. Its installations, business models and even pricing strategies have been copied and emulated by integrators across the nation. We enjoy taking on challenges by doing what others say can't be done.

Today, this passion still serves as my primary motivation and has awarded a primary position in development of the Lumiere Home Cinema Experience, an uncompromising, methodical approach to the ultimate in home theater. Being part of the Lumiere team has revived some deep passion and emotions that make every day one I look forward to!

The Future: At Electronic Home, we recently remodeled our showroom, hired experienced key personnel and added a few product lines to enhance our solution offerings and allow an overall smoother and more productive operation. Electronic Home will continue to serve our clients home technology needs and provide first class support.

Solidifying Electronic Home's position allows me to direct my focus to developing the Lumiere North American sales, installation and support operations. We will establish 4-5 additional Lumiere Home Cinema showrooms across North America over the next 2 - 3 years.

President | Electronic Home, Inc.
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