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Lori Taylor, Flight Coordinator (PJS)
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Flight Coordinator | Private Jet Services Group
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Great article! I think it's also important for fliers to know about the Air Charter Safety Foundation ( and the implementation of their Industry Audit Standard program. With the deployment of this program, the charter consumer can be assured that audited and registered operators are compliant with the highest standards of safety and compliance. As one of the participating audit firms, a grat partnership that operators are encouraged to engage in is with Wyvern Consulting ( Both operators and brokers can be Wyvern certified. Another certification that is aimed to ensure aircraft and operator safety that is highly recognized is ARG/US. They have various levels so the consumer, client, passenger, and brokers all know the status of each aircraft, Platinum being prestine. I know the world of aircraft auditing is complex but is available for those clients and brokers who are dedicated to the safest flying around. :: Lori is a Flight Coordinator for Private Jet Services Group ( Specializing in pro-athletic charters and large scale music tour coordination, Lori also specializes in the logistics and organization of many Part 135 charters. Lori can be contacted at: :: Private Jet Charter | How Safe is it to Travel by Private Plane? Aircraft 01.04.2012
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