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Paolo Tomasini is the owner of R.E.Portal, a small company dealing only with prestigious real estate properties. Born in 1947, has through time gained considerable experience in this field. His slogan is: 'I love to be large enough to be effective, but small enough to be very personal in my approach to dealing with Clients'. Situated in Florence, Tuscany, we are at the heart of Italian culture. He deeply love the beauty, art, and history that defines the area he is cradled in. The unfortunately rare people who are able to truly appreciate these same precious things will find a warm welcome at our door. He do not deal in diamonds, but is proud to deal with true Real Estate Jewels from almost all over the world. Jewels that most people don't know exist, often really do! They are certain to change your life, and enrich your heart, mind and soul. Castles, ancient/historical villas, modern luxury villas and apartments, ancient little hamlets, ancient country houses, boutique hotels, ancient abbeys, prestigious wineries, represent the real estate categories he deals with. Please, read more at:
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Unbelievable... do you know that Italy can be a real estate tax even?

Would you like to buy and enjoy a prestigious property in Italy paying almost no taxes? Please carefully read the following and you'll surely be amazed by the favorable tax advantages. 1 - 3% (not 7% or more) taxes to be paid when buying, even if i...
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Why Italy can really enrich your lifestyle

In Italy you find more than half (some say two thirds) of the works of art (monuments and masterpieces) and sights of the entire world. They are also extremely varied, as they are expression of various historical eras, covering nearly 2,800 years. Th...
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