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My aunt and I stayed at this hotel for almost 2 weeks. We usually pick a mild and cheap spot for dinner outside of the hotel and we thought the City House food was expensive. We were wrong. My other aunt recommended we try out the hotel's restaurant and I'm very glad we went with her gut instinct. OK. Most of these types of restaurant, people steer away from because of how the place looks expensive. It was late around 10pm and we were the last customers there. The wait wasn't great, but I expected it. Though, I only really cared about how the dish tasted and how it's presented. And my god, my dish was exceptional. I ordered the basil crusted halibut. Excellent presentation and really the halibut was pretty incredible. I loved everything about it. My uncle ordered some type of steak and I also tried one of those. Just make sure it is well cooked and slice it into pieces. The dishes were mouthwatering. The dishes were seasoned well. I do think you should dine at this restaurant once or twice. Also pick a day when the place isn't busy because I think our dishes were cooked carefully and the result, our dishes were made to perfection. I'm a type of person who gets bored if I eat from the same place. What I recommend is to always try something different. Rating: City House at Park Central Hotel 3.9 stars out of 5. Cityhouse at Park Central New York Hotel Shines Premium City News 01.22.2012
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