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Member since: March 29th, 2012
Now living back home in the country of Northeast Oregon with family caring for disabled members there and working on my painting and photography interests for the past five years now. I did work at a local hotel housekeeping for a short time then at the local elder home as a nurses aide. Before this five years I live in Sacramento, Ca for a couple of years helping homeless, then on the east coast helping family there for a time too, In high school and after I worked in retail and telemarketing allot. Now to find I do have a passion for arts and to learn how to market them online for a home income now too. My blog shows other members of to help support and promote there works there as well. I have a discount code to purchase my art prints at a fair price it is UJBNYH hurry while this lasts:) Go like my fan page too at My website is the blog is
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My works here also at my Blog address you can get a limited time discount on all of my art prints using my discount code UJBNYH at fineartameri...
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Come see my fineartamerica works here  at my Blog and my website  you can purchase my art prints for a limited time at lower prices using my discount code here UJBNYH...
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My Blog is based on arts from and some others to help promote artitsts who are members and myself also to sell more art and grow more as artists.  With photography, painting,scetching,there are many different forms or mediums ...
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Also keep in mind my website at my discount code to purchase my prints for a limited time at a lower price is UJBNYH Arts and crafts of from myself and other members too Lifestyle 03.29.2012
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