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'Well Come to Adventure Discovery Trek & enjoy your trekking, Tour, hiking and walking holidays in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan Himalaya!!' Trekking in Nepal is a great chance to explore around Nepal?s Himalayas various mixture, pleasurable surrounding and stunning mountain series with premium mix culture. Nepal Trekking and tour offers massive scenery for adventure lovers who are forever as travelers around Nepal Himalayas. Known as a significant Adventure trekking destination in the planet, Nepal has eight tallest mountains higher than 8000 meters among the entire earth out of fourteen......Read More.. Located between China and India Nepal is landlocked country in southern Asia. Trekking in Nepal presents to explore ground of yaks and yetis, Stupas and legendry Sherpas, the most excellent holiday adventure trekking in Nepal on ward and tourists destination, with impressive country side, the acme of the tallest mountains on the earth, snow white Himalaya passes, glaciers and ice falls, magnificent

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