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I lived in Niagara on the Take for several years. It is even more boring than the rest of Canada. Frankly, once the summer season is over, the locals are almost without any source of income. The Wineries pay a pittance, so pity the smiling faces when you visit, the bead and breakfasts, stores, restaurants all prey for a decent tourist season as they are all, more or less, one season away from bankruptcy. It is a shaby place but puts up a good front. Lipstick on the bulldog type of place. The people that live their are very smug, but very few have two pennies to rub together. Am I bitter, yep, I moved there to find out later that it was all hype aimed at getting the tourist dollar. Useless place. The wineries produce absolutely awful wine, ice wine is a joke, but the hype keeps the tourists coming. But ask anyone who actually knows wine, and they will confirm it is awful stuff. Not much to recommend this place. Niagara-on-the-Lake | A Little Ice Wine With Everything Luxury Vacations 07.08.2012
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