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I'm an underinfluenced writer, looking for my muse. I yern to travel, but I don't have the means. Due to my high frequency brain waves, my dreams take me to those places I cannot go. Sarcasm rules my life, my soul, and my mind. I refuse to grow up, and be the adult I never wanted to be, but until I am forced to do so, I will entertain my childish ways with Disney music and play-dough. I love food, well, I love seafood. I have always wanted to visit Main, just so I can hang out in a fishing town for a week and eat all their freshly caught crab legs. My plan, which began a little over a year ago, is to visit every state. I will go to every state before I go out of the country. I will not budge on that. Oh, that's another thing...I am extemely stubborn. Live, love, laugh!
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