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Daman Bahner is a Social Media Strategist, Writer, Technophile and Principal of Zoomis Web Services LLC. He is most proud of his position as dad of Jace. When there's free time, he likes to music blog at InsideHype.
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Any kind of food you want, usually within 3-4 blocks, 24 hours a day. Just returned from a FABULOUS trip to NYC. What do you LOVE about the Big Apple? Ask The Lounge 07.18.2012
Sofitel Redwood City, CA right by the Oracle campus, or The Wyndham Peabody by the Baltimore waterfront. What is the best hotel you've ever stayed at? Ask The Lounge 07.18.2012
I think it would depend on the style with which you purchase and use/consume/wear your luxury. Do you feel that buying luxury gives you social standing? Ask The Lounge 07.18.2012
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