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For me it's gotta be The Venetian it sets the standard in luxury in Las Vegas. They pay careful attention to every detail of their lavish suites. What is the best hotel you've ever stayed at? Ask The Lounge 07.23.2012
Buy the brand your most attracted to the one you identify. If you don't you may walk around living with regret because you second guess yourself and that's ugly. Which of the following criteria is important while buying a luxury ? a) Exclusivity b) Limited Edition c) Brand d) Quality e) Expensive Any other if any Ask The Lounge 07.23.2012
No it dose not it just means you like quality. In regard to social standing, it should be dictated on how much time and resources you give that make a vision a reality that serve to better society. Do you feel that buying luxury gives you social standing? Ask The Lounge 07.23.2012
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