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Member since: July 24th, 2012
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Hi, I believe I deserve la prairie, because my skin is so broke and ruin despite trying every product in over the counter stores, nothing helped... I been having serverly bad skin problems for 15 years I'm 30 now... And I'm a attractive guy, However My skin absolutely deflates my confidence on getting a date havent been On one in 9 years.. People stare and I feel so ashamed .. In these hard economic times I'm trying to find a job without my skin being the problem that's the first thing people notice about u before anything else which is unfair.. But no one wants to hire date or give a person a chance without looking a decent look would really be a dream come true if I was awarded it would feel like a blessing bestowed on me instead of rainy days which I had my more than a fair share... I want to feel good about my self feel confident and bring back the person I use to be.. I have deprived my self on almost everything mainly because of skin problems... I don't know anyone more deserving than myself not to sound selfish but I feel helpless because I found no solution untill I read about. La prairie. La Prairie: The Quest for the Perfect Skincare Health & Beauty 07.24.2012
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