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S H A D Y N J E I M A visionary tastemaker in the core concepts of luxury design, Shady Njeim holds a prestigious portfolio of bespoke projects of wellness and creativity. Shady has created a unique niche in the market of luxury design. He is today an uncontested master of his art and a private consultant for high profile clients. The secret of his success is an insatiable curiosity that complements his ambitionfor excellence. A committed perfectionist, he engages his utmost talent in creating a unique world. His exquisite creations gather a simplistic taste and an unrivaled savoir-faire in the world of architecture and design. N . D E S I G N E R S A benchmark in bespoke design, n.designers has been setting itself apart with a philosophy of its own. Celebrating luxury in the everyday space is a vision that surpasses perfection. We outdo it by just a little. Engineering space with a deeper insight in understanding human need for harmony offers much more than luxury. What we pride ourselves to have is a combination of subtle tact and international attire that breaks ground with a superior vision. An aesthetic practicality in our approach has long been in the essence of our work. Our dynamic approach transcends abundant and modest roomsand transforms the coziest spaces into a blissful expanse.

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