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Pham Ha

CEO | Luxury Travel Ltd

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About Pham Ha

Pham Ha is an award winning travel entrepreneur. He has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years, traveled extensively, and has become a tourism expert and keynote speaker in the luxury travel industry in Vietnam and around the globe. Pham Ha saw a need for a tour company that would specialize in high quality travel service, with an emphasis on ultra-luxurious, privately guided and fully bespoke holidays. He especially wanted to create personalized tours with an emphasis on culture, and an immersive approach to touring. To that end, Pham Ha designed Luxury Travel University programs for his colleagues. Travel advisors are well trained to become the ultimate luxury travel advisors and part of a team with great passion and a deep knowledge of tourism. Those who go through the training develop great pride in their company, expertise in luxury accommodation, unparalleled salesmanship, and customer care and service skills without equal. Tour guides

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