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About Jennifer

Jennifer Schmitt is a calligrapher and writer in Scottsdale, Arizona. The idea behind her company, Perfect Thank-You, is to bring beautiful hand-lettering into all the corners of life. Not to reserve it only for special occasions, but rather to make a moment or occasion more special by adding a beautifully-written card or message to it. She's a modern woman, but she believes that some things should still be done the old fashioned way. Like saying thank you, for example. Gratitude is an essential part of creating a good customer service experience, and she loved the idea of using calligraphy to create a thank- you note that a customer will remember for a very long time. For a lifetime, even. A handwritten note is so much more effective than just a computer-generated note or even a gift card. When you send a note created by Perfect Thank-You, your customer will receive a note that could only have been created with great care?by hand?just for him or her. Her other calligraphy work includes designing and addressing wedding and party invitations menus and party favors hand-lettering vows, quotes, and lyrics logo and packaging design. Jennifer is also a writer and a lyricist. She loves risotto, the smell of leather, and takes the scenic route every chance she gets.

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