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Looks like its got everything! I agree, very impressed by this, it will certainly stand out at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show! Looking at these pictures I wouldn't mind queuing up for an hour to see the interiors! "The World's Biggest Open Yacht" | Mangusta 165 Luxury Yachts 10.24.2012
Can't wait to see Motoryacht Azzam, hopefully we will be able to see some pictures soon... It really does seem to be a "mines bigger than yours", I wonder who the next person will be to create an even bigger yacht to Azzam, maybe Abramovich again!? I have seen the Athena, it's very impressive for a sailing yacht, most of the superyachts tend to be motor yachts, so it was great to see one of the largest sailing yachts at Monaco Yacht Show! It really stood out amongst all the motor yachts. Mine is Bigger Than Yours | Megayachts Impress at Monaco Yacht Show Luxury Yachts 10.08.2012
Looks great, you can definitely see the similarities between that and a superyacht. It looks incredibly spacious for it's size too. It's a great alternative to buying a motoryacht, as it's got all the advantages of a motoryacht with the added bonus of reduced fuel and energy costs! Double Deck Luxury Superyacht Launched | Sunreef 82 Luxury Yachts 08.29.2012
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