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Nicole Lampru
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Nicole Lampru lives in fabulous Miami, the cosmopolitan city where Latin flare, excess and beautiful people come together to achieve the 'Miami Lifestyle' This well-traveled young woman is driven by her interests in the luxury goods industry, marketing, writing and her particularly acute appreciation for innovation and high quality. She currently works with Dimitri & Co., exclusive distributors of TechnoMarine, N.O.A. and Jorg Hysek for Latin America, involved in the production and release phases of timepieces and accessories lines of these brands. Her articles have been featured in regional magazines, blogs and social media. Nicole is also the Manager at Time Concepts, an 'exclusive lifestyle boutique' located in Miami, introducing a new way of doing retail by offering a designated space for each brand to express its philosophy and sharing the feel of luxurious comfort with the exquisite Florida clientele.
Manager/ Creative Dept. | Time Concepts/ Dimitri & Co.
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The Revival of Unconventional Luxury

The Revival of Unconventional Luxury   When Franck Dubarry founded TechnoMarine, he took the industry of watch-making to a new level. He did the unimaginable; committing the sacrilege of setting diamonds on a plastic diving watch and bringing the ...
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'The New Kid on the Watch Block'

“The new kid on the watch block”   OK, maybe not so new, but not many have had the chance to appreciate the great watches and accessories that this brand has come up with. Since its establishment in 2003, N.O.A. (which is an acronym for None of The...
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