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I am/was a 'high-flying' City trader ( still working, just flying a little lower of my own free will!) I started writing an anonymous blog having found out after a grueling second round of IVF that I was pregnant. Having spent just over 15 years, straight out of university, working in the City as an Equity Trader, living life minute by minute in a high-pressure, aggressive, male-dominated environment ,as well as being (comes with a job) an accomplished party animal, my life has changed. I am on garden leave now. For the first time in my life I don't need to be on the trading floor by 6.30am. So, I decided to start writing a blog perhaps to harness for commercial reasons in the future but primarily to fill my time. I was becoming burnt out and ready to take time out but you will see from my blog that the transition isn't easy and that doing very little is much, much harder than I could ever have dreamt possible!

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