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These guys really suck! Here's a list of my complaints: - The driver barely spoke English, told me that he would take the directions I gave him and then did the complete opposite nearly making us late (which would have cost us the $500 deposit we left with the church). Oh, did I mention that we added an extra half hour onto our church reservation just in case and it still came down to within 5 minutes because of this incompetent driver. I mean, anyone who has driven in New York City knows that the Van Wyck Expressway is not a feasible road in the middle of the day. I had to hold my relatives and friends back from ripping his head off. - The AC did not work in the Limo - I read the reviews and did see that at least 2 people complained about this, but I was thinking "oh, maybe they fixed it" - nope! We had to sweat it out! Also, we asked him to change the AC upfront, but he wouldn't respond (same deal he pulled with the directions). When writing to the company afterwards they claimed that this limo had 2 AC systems and this should not have been a problem. - The groomsmen arrived at the church with 15 minutes to spare until we were considered "late" and lost our deposit... I hurried everyone out of the vehicle and carefully and slowly explained to him that he needed to go pick up the bride and gave him the directions/address (3 blocks from the church). I ran inside to meet the priest and discuss arrangements (needless to say I had to say hello to everyone) only to have my mother tell me 10 minutes later that he was still out there. So, I had to run out again to remind him, to which his response was "no body told me".... we started within 1 minute of being on time. - All this lateness cost us our cocktail hour - I wrote to the limo company (who charged us an extra hour) to tell them about our complaints, and they were insistent that I was the one to blame. Not only were they insistent, they were insulting and unprofessional Luxe Services 10.07.2012
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