Anneka Bain

About Anneka Bain

Anneka has been writing since her parents bought her a blackboard and a box of chalk at the age of three. Her formative years were spent writing poetry, short stories and theatrical scripts of variable merit and more often than not involving the enlistment of an unwilling younger brother who would rather have been playing with his train set! Years spent living and working in Riyadh and Paris whetted Anneka's appetite for globe-trotting, and she found she had something new she loved to write about. Now in her mid twenties, she has written travel and food-focused articles for several online publications, and armed with her beloved Nikon is a budding photojournalist. Anneka recently spent six weeks travelling, scribbling and snapping her way around South-East Asia. She currently resides in London and is planning her next great adventure.

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