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If delving into, and re-experiencing America's early years appeals, this is definitely an excursion to consider. In part, it would be a celebration of the convenience and sensibleness of the modern era, if you compare one of these modern cruise experiences with those of the past! Just as a little extra enhancement to your pleasure on a refurbed riverboat. Mississippi River Makes Way for American Queen Steamboat Cruises Cruises 11.09.2012
I had heard many wonderful comments about meals onboard a Caribbean cruise. What I was not prepared for was this: My son is a vegetarian, and it did say, in writing, that veggie alternatives were available for every meal (this was aboard a Carnival ship). Not only was one on the menu every day, for every category of food, but the cook(s) seemed to be actually thrilled to flex their creativity muscles, and produce some veggie meals that were unique, as well as nutritious and delicious! Evidently it provided a little something in the way of the opportunity to show off some of their skills, other than just the standard run of quality entrees, repeated every two weeks, for the vast majority of non-vegetarians. For my son, it was also a thrill, because he had gotten into a bit of a rut with his vegetarian meals at home. He got to experience a much greater range to sample along those culinary lines. Cruise Ships Set a Higher Bar for Dining at Sea Cruises 11.09.2012
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