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Evol Syawla
Member since: November 29th, 2012
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Kevin Pratt-please, please just do a Google for anything you are about to comment on before you do. For christs sake, you are on the Internet!!! The crsh that grounded the COncorde was not even in 2003, the Concorde "crashed in flames shortly after taking off from Charles de Gaulle Airport on July 25, 2000" ..."The crash helped bring an end to the plane's commercial operations, which had become a financial burden for Air France and British Airways. Both took the Concorde out of service in 2003."" Dude, the least you could do was to RTFArticle!!! "The X-54 will be the first of three supersonic models being developed by the partnership. The medium sized business jet is expected to debut in 2020, with larger commercial versions to follow in 2030 and 2035." But lest I be found to be foolish, please provide your source of information that the X-54 was grounded in 2003! You absolutely must be a Republican and this don't even have anything to do with politics:( You should apologize to LarryB! Fastest Supersonic Jet Will Be Unveiled at Farnborough International Airshow Aircraft 11.29.2012
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