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Christian Nick
Member since: February 5th, 2013
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I think to be fair that is because you live in Euro so you're considered a 'local'.Just like when caucasians come to Asia,they would tip in a 'holiday' mood.I think its a great article cos thank God I met the benchmark during my maiden trip to Euro,no wonder they all smiled at me.. 1 point to differ in Italy however,was that I was expected to 'tip' even though I buy a bottle drink which sounds ridiculous.The gave gave me back lots of loose change as a hint and 1 asked me where Im from.If its in a restraunt,then fair enough but just a bottled drink? I was with Trafaglar and with american tourists.True enough,they gave red bills of 10 euros w/o hesitation to the tour guide in rome,so I did what the saying goes.Now that I finally read this revelation,I begin to understand why..LOLs.. How to Tip in Europe Luxury Vacations 02.05.2013
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