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CamoBandsâ?? lets you slip leaves and grass into flex straps on your body to conceal your shape, color and scent. Camobandsâ?? consist of high-tech rubber frames, embedded with double-layered, paired elastic bands, and rugged buckles to secure them to your body. CamoBandsâ?? Core System includes â?? one (1) cap, one (1) medium frame and one (1) large frame â?? outperforms a camouflage wardrobe, at a fraction of the cost. Additional CamoBandsâ?? frames and interchangeable straps (sold separately) offer additional advantages that our trained consultants can help explain. 230 W 200 S Ste 3444 Salt Lake City UT 84110
best hunting camouflage clothing | camo bands
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