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CamoBands‚?? lets you slip leaves and grass into flex straps on your body to conceal your shape, color and scent. Camobands‚?? consist of high-tech rubber frames, embedded with double-layered, paired elastic bands, and rugged buckles to secure them to your body.¬†CamoBands‚?? Core System includes ‚?? one (1) cap, one (1) medium frame and one (1) large frame ‚?? outperforms a camouflage wardrobe, at a fraction of the cost.¬†Additional CamoBands‚?? frames and interchangeable straps (sold separately) offer additional advantages that our trained consultants can help explain. 230 W 200 S Ste 3444¬†Salt Lake City UT 84110
best hunting camouflage clothing | camo bands
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