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Dre is from Montclair, NJ which is about 30 mins out from one of the fashion meccas of the world, NYC. He has been drawing ever since he was able to hold a pencil at an early age of 3. As for clothing design, he is self-taught and inspired by all those that came before such as Karl Kani and the founders of FUBU. In 2006, Rhorie Drey Brand was created by Dre as way to express his creativity and serve as his foray into the fashion world. His main professional interest is to make Rhorie Drey Brand a success by refining his clothing line and evolving over time. The prevailing message behind Rhorie Drey Brand is one of self-empowerment factoring in these three qualities: Strength, Leadership and Focus. Overall, the brand is geared towards young entrepreneurs, college students, tastemakers, jetsetters and fashionistas.

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