Co-Founder/Marketing Director | Signé Magazine

About Roshin

Roshin Rahman is a passionate fashion and luxury professional, he started his career with WGSN Italian branch soon after the graduation in Fashion Marketing from Milan, Italy . WGSN is a london based leading trend analysis company that consults with 4,000 companies across the world including Ferrari, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren and many other big groups. During his tenure with WGSN, Roshin managed a solid portfolio of luxury brands including Ferrari, Missoni, Lamborghini, Pininfarina, Malo and Versace. His expertise includes developing marketing strategies for luxury brands, project management and c-suite client negotiations and client management. The passion towards luxury led him to co found a niche luxury publication called Signé, in Dubai which serves to the Middle east Luxury aficionados. The word ‘luxury’ is commonplace today amongst crowds of those who associate it with excessive pleasure and comfort. In a society filled with overindulgence, it is a word lavished upon all things inessential and expensive. Real luxury has constantly evolved over the centuries. When he co founded Signé, it is for those select few who still see real luxury as it always has been, a window to ourselves and our rarest, finest attributes.

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