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Serenada's Pen is the 'pen' name or alias of the publisher formed from the imaginary and romantic style of Spanish culture names. The whimsical nature was alluring and the creation was born. SP became the official name of the Founder and Creator of RPRAI, acronym for 'The Real Profiles of Rising Artistic Icons'. Born in Atlanta, Georgia SP is the quintessential 'Georgia Peach' and has lived in the same neighborhood, which has expanded and diversified in the 20 years of residing there. Her love of writing came at a young age when she realized an easy, quick, and safe way to express the many feelings and emotions she experienced growing up as an only child. Through writing she found her inner voice and art her creative adventure and freedom. From tried and past jobs the only real calling came to her one day in April 2012 after realizing, 'I can be an interviewer'. The concept of creating a blog-mag based on the life-stories of Artists around the world while still incorporating her interests in the Arts helped formed the stimulus of having her own voice while reaching out to fellow Artists needing a voice. From then on she set out on a daily mission working on her self-proclaimed 'Bloggerviews' while adding any new ideas and networking to expand and grow her concept into a brand. Including other sections: Music Reviews, Poetry, Photography, an Art Gallery, Writing, and soon to be added Food and Fashion! She continues to forge ahead with faith and determination that her self-driven aspiration will become a successful publication in supporting others endeavors while still finding fulfillment in its essential, personal value. SP has also lent her Pen to online Entertainment and Music publications Gumbumper and The Well Versed with honorable guest appearance of her article, 'Slave To The Music' for Finally Real-ish. She was also respectfully interviewed and awarded for IZEA's November 2012 Influencer of The Month.

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