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Marjorie Hope

Journalist, Fine Living Connoisseur | The 5 Star Life

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About Marjorie Hope

Living the 5 Star Life.......without limits, on any budget As a spa trends specialist, with a passion for luxury pampering and resorts, living the 5 Star Life is about vibrant health and radiant beauty. With a focus on how to live the life of your dreams, Marjorie Hope Rothstein is authentic proof that you can experience the art of living well, on any budget. Rothstein shows her readers the true meaning of 'how you live your life is your greatest work of art.’ In a former life with a fine arts degree and professional career as a sculptor, she exhibited in galleries across the globe. Now she is focused on lifestyle design, helping her clients create resort-like living at home. As a globe trotter with a passion for nature and beauty, her favorite places are luxury eco-resorts in rainforests or tropical locales. Her favorite hotel group is the Amanresorts, but any resort that blends in with the natural wonders is on her bucket list. From Bali to Phuket, Costa Rica to Tortola, spending time in beautiful surroundings and sharing the best quality for the best value with her readers is her favorite pastime. From healing retreats and spas to luxury pampering, true wealth is living your best life now, with a healthy lifestyle focused on preventative wellness. Stay tuned for finding out the insider hideaway secrets of the stars, and live your luxe life now. Rothstein remarks, 'My current passion is designing resort like environments for my residential clients. After visiting world class properties that are created with exquisite taste i have been inspired to bring back certain elements of style to share with my clients.'

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