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5 Star LifeSylist specializing in Interior Design, Luxury Spas and Resorts As a spa trends specialist and 5 Star Concierge creating bespoke services including interior design, reviewing luxury pampering and resorts, her passion is vibrant health and radiant beauty. With a focus on how to live the life of your dreams, Rothstein is authentic proof that you can experience the art of living well, on any budget. She shares the true meaning of 'how you live your life is your greatest work of art.’ In a former life with a fine arts degree and professional career as a sculptor, she exhibited in galleries across the globe. Now she is focused on lifestyle as art, helping her clients create resort-like living at home. As a globe trotter with a sybaritic soul, her quest is to experience the finest of nature and beauty through exotic travel. Her definition of haute living is an

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