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Wow. Seriously, am I really reading this? Talk about small-mindedness and breathtaking first-world problems (not to mention the height of pretention). So here's where Prada are being imbiciles: if they don't want employees who are "old, fat, ugly, disgusting, had bad teeth, bad bodies, or did not have the Prada look," then THEY SHOULDN'T HIRE those that don't have the Prada look! See? It's so simple! However, if they DO hire these types of folks, then by God, they better not fire them for ANY of those reasons, because they then will be showing their complete duplicity about their employees, who would then be stuck in a no-win situation. But if Prada is required to hire people because of equal opportunity laws, or because they have to meet a certain "minority quota," then suing might be a losing battle for the employee; however, overall it's an extremely poor business practice, and could hurt Prada down the road. But of course the rich who can afford to wear Prada won't care one whit about this issue. After all: "Let them eat cake!" But here's another question: if Prada wants people working for them--who fit their criteria--are they then paying them enough to be able to afford all of the various clothing, makeup, hairstyles and accoutrements they might need in order to attain-and sustain--"the Prada look"? I HIGHLY doubt that. Former Prada Employee Fights Against Discrimination in the Luxury Workplace Chatter 05.08.2013
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