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Freelance Writer ~ Media Consultant

As a Freelance Writer and Media Consultant, I specialize in the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality & Luxury Lifestyle industries. I believe in keeping it affordable while always traveling in style...

With a dynamic fifteen-year history of working with a diverse collection of projects and assignments, I am able to provide my expertise and freelance services to clients today – seamlessly merging the worlds of writing, social media, marketing and promotion. For more information and samples, visit

Fortunately, I’ve had the distinct pleasure to contribute to a variety of fantastic travel, tourism and hospitality publications on a global level for traditional print magazines, as well as digital publications and Blogs.

Having an International perspective on business, combined with a firm grasp on the latest media technologies, I enjoy the opportunity to think outside of the box while finding creative strategies that best benefit each assignment.

To stay updated, you can also view my Travel Writer's Blog at

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