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Jade Monet
Member since: June 20th, 2013
There are two parts to Jade Monet Fashions and that is Jade and Monet. This blog allows us to share our personal style with you while encouraging others to share, create, and discover their passion for fashion as well. Why did we decide to share our personal style on this blog? Every young woman deserves a chance to understand and wear her own personal style. As young women ourselves we know what we like and what we dislike. What you choose as your personal style is just that, your personal style and meant for you. Even though we have no formal education in fashion if you pair our obsession with fashion, style, and even trends with a great fashion sense then we are experienced beyond our years. By viewing the different sets you can get creative by mixing and matching the sets and making the set work for you. With these ideas and with the links provided you can shop for these looks. Jade Monet Fashions will also suggest beauty tips, articles, and suggestions on how to get the look provided in the sets. Thank you for viewing Jade Monet Fashions.
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Yogurt Facial Mask A plain yogurt mask is a budget-friendly way to treat your face. Yogurt can be used alone as a face mask, or combined with other ingredients that lend even more benefits to the skin. By using a yogurt mask two to three times a w...
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Personal Style

Personal Style What is personal style? Personal style is your fashion sense. A person’s personal style can be inspired by a favorite fashion designer, celebrity, and even one’s culture. Personal style is about making a statement. For those who are...
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Love the article and the pictures are beautiful. This article gives me an idea for one my party planning events. Virginia Robinson Gardens Annual Fundraiser at the Beverly Hills Garden Club Lifestyle 06.20.2013
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